4 Reasons Mouthwash is Critical to Dental Health

OK. You believe your dentist. You know that brushing is important, and that you should brush for two minutes twice a day. And you get how important it is to floss once a day — floss gets in between crevices of the teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. But is it important to rinse with … Continued

Lose a Tooth? Act Fast! Your Dentist Might Be Able to Save It

Knock out or lose a tooth? Time is of the essence. It’s important that you act quickly — within the next 30 minutes — if you want to save that tooth. This is a situation for an emergency dentist. When you knock out a tooth, there’s a lot of nerve and blood vessel damage that … Continued

5 Daily Habits to Improve Your Smile

You know those smiles that light up a room — shiny white and perfect like a movie star’s? Guess what? That’s not just good genes or an accident. A beautiful smile is the product of good dental habits, brushing twice a day, and following through on a flossing routine. The truth is a brighter, more … Continued

4 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Brush

It’s not easy being a parent. (And if we remember right — it’s not easy being a kid either.) Even the most simple tasks can be an uphill battle. You want the best for them. You do everything you can for your kids to be healthy, happy, and have great dental care. And that means … Continued

Veneers vs. Crowns: Which are Right for You?

Looking for a great way to restore your teeth and improve your smile? We have two cosmetic dentistry treatments available: veneers. But what are the differences and advantages between them? Which one is right for you? Both alternatives are popular. Either one is great for restoring a beautiful smile. But there are key differences in … Continued

You’ve Cracked a Filling! How Long Can You Wait?

So you’ve cracked a filling! It happens to the best of us, usually out of the blue. It’s an awful feeling. There’s something hard in your mouth that’s not food. You’ve broken a filling. What do you do? Don’t panic. This is an extremely common dental issue, in fact our number one reason for dental … Continued

7 Tasty Treats Your Dentist Would Approve

Kids will be kids. They love sweets. (Who doesn’t?) But as a parent, you naturally worry about their dental care. You want the best for them. You want them to have a beautiful smile and a cavity-free visit to the dentist. Don’t worry, moms and dads. As your family dentist, we’ve got you. Kids can … Continued

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