4 Tooth Replacement Options to Consider

Uh-oh. You just broke a tooth. Or maybe your tooth is infected and needs to be pulled to prevent further oral damage. Either way now is the time to head to your dentist and see what tooth replacement options are best for you. There are at least four main ways to replace a tooth. Let’s … Continued

Broken Tooth: Here’s What to Do

You’re crunching on something when you suddenly realize you chipped or broke a tooth. It’s an alarming feeling that no one likes to experience. A broken tooth can happen to anyone, regardless of age or oral health. So, if you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things to remember. Keep reading for … Continued

The importance of getting a dental checkup

A dental check up is more than a dentist poking around in your mouth and judging your teeth. Dental check ups are very important not just to your overall appearance but having a healthy mouth. If you are a person that regularly gets dental check ups you are not likely to run into serious dental … Continued

Tooth Crown Pain? 3 Natural Ways to Relieve Toothache

Have a toothache? That’s no picnic. If you suffer from tooth crown pain, call our dentist office in Tucson right away. Any intense pain or discomfort qualifies as a 24 hour dental emergency. We’ll schedule you an appointment soon — maybe even that very day! We tend to keep a few appointment slots open in … Continued

Need Urgent Dental Care But No Insurance? What to Do

Face a dental emergency but don’t have insurance? It’s a tough break but an increasingly persistent problem in the US. Naturally, it’s scary and a little intimidating to need urgent dental care when you don’t have insurance. But don’t worry — there are still affordable ways to get the dental care that you need. You … Continued

Urgent Dental Care: What to Do if You Crack or Chip a Tooth

A cracked tooth always comes as a shock. And no matter how careful you are, a cracked tooth can always happen — usually at the most unexpected times. And yes, it’s usually painful. What do you do if you crack a tooth? For starters, call our dentist office in Tucson right away. Our dentist office … Continued

Why You Should Clean Your Toothbrush More Often

You might not realize it — but your toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria. Think about it. It’s coated in water, toothpaste, bits of old food and the bacteria in your mouth (the same germs that cause cavities). And if you recently had flu, cold or other sickness, those germs are also on your … Continued

Stressed? Millions of Americans Experiencing Dental Pain

One thing we’ve noticed providing dental care to patients at our office in Tucson: You’re stressed. Like really stressed. That’s perfectly understandable. With the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention the political climate and economic stress, we’re all dealing with anxiety — every single one of us. These are unprecedented times. It’s natural if the world … Continued

4 Reasons Mouthwash is Critical to Dental Health

OK. You believe your dentist. You know that brushing is important, and that you should brush for two minutes twice a day. And you get how important it is to floss once a day — floss gets in between crevices of the teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. But is it important to rinse with … Continued

Lose a Tooth? Act Fast! Your Dentist Might Be Able to Save It

Knock out or lose a tooth? Time is of the essence. It’s important that you act quickly — within the next 30 minutes — if you want to save that tooth. This is a situation for an emergency dentist. When you knock out a tooth, there’s a lot of nerve and blood vessel damage that … Continued
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